Enhancing Your Clinical Practice
Medical Practice Headaches

Enhancing your clinical practice can be frustrating while dealing with coding, payments and insurance companies and the rising costs of doing business. So what can you do to increase your bottom line?

KW Medical Group is managed by clinicians and experts in a variety of fields have developed proven methods you can incorporate into your practice that will create additional patients, cash income without significantly raising business costs and builds your clinical practice. We are changing the culture of medicine.

Let us first say your don’t need to be a specialist to make a great income as a physician in private practice and second you don’t need to work for a group or hospital so your income is more stable.  All these rumors you hear can be debunked just by us enhancing your clinical practice.

KW Medical Group is unique.  KW Medical Group services are customized to your geographic area, so we wont waste your time talking about changes that really wouldn’t help you. Our philosophy is what works in one area might not work for your area.  Plus our services are unique and proven to draw in more patients and increase your cash income base.

This is the reason we only offer our services to a select group of practice in every area, to increase your patients not everyone else’s!

For new physicians just starting out we have our jump start program that not only increases revenue but we create programs that have long term stainability.  Optionally we can help you with everything from location, hiring, training, referral base for your new practice marketing and a complete patient portal if needed.

As a partner to one of our programs referral based marketing is a given along with providing advertising in your local area including educational seminars that attracts new patients to all our partner clinics. As a partner you will also have access to our group purchasing power from equipment to supplies.

Call us today to see if your practice can benefit from our proven methods enhancing your medical practice. Remember we restrict the number of practices who use our programs in any one area so be the first and call today for more information.